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A Benefit for the Oregon Acupuncture and Naturopathic Associations

Saturday, Feb. 9th – Chinese New Year Party – 9:00 PM – 4:00 AM
Sunday, Feb. 10th – Benefit Auction Fundraiser – 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

You are cordially invited to the annual Threshold: Chinese New Year event! The theme encourages discovery of balance in the feminine and masculine energies; within ourselves, our relationships, our communities and the world at large. The Black Water Snake is intuitive, a socially adventurous spirit that loves taking risks. Explore the balance and charm your way into the new year.

Asian-inspired dress highly encouraged…

The Eye Candy – TAKE A BITE! (video)

SATURDAY, FEB. 9th 9:00PM – 4:00 AM

A journey through fractal soundscapes and alternate realms.

Dizzyingly beautiful compositions, heartbreaking in their melancholy and dance floor crushing all at once.

Crafting the art of spinning it all together in a smooth hot mess. She plays for the dancers!

Hitting the decks with a playful, funky, dirty party vibe that keeps the dance floor bouncing.

DJ RESCUE (Zia of the Dandy Warhols)
Saving good parties from bad music!

Enthno mundial bass.

An opulent display of ritual theater.

The art of seduction, not just the raw animal lust kind.

Sharing the strength, sensuality and silliness of life through dance and art.

An exploration into the multidimensional realms of cognitive and physical space.

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NICKODEMUS (NYC/Wonderwheel Recordings/Turntables on the Hudson)


special guests
DJ Genia (Sacred Circle/PDX)
Ayomide and Tribal Finesse Belly Dance


Nickodemus has been globetrotting with the universal dance sounds since the late 90’s. He began his DJ career in NYC as a resident DJ of the legendary Giant Step & Organic Groove nights in NYC back in 1996. DJ’ing spontaneously with live musicians became his specialty. He later started Turntables on the Hudson with partners Mariano & Nappy G on percussion in 1998. The party was the 1st outdoor dance party in NYC & quickly gained fame for it’s eclectic open minded music & crowd. Guest musicians would turn up every week & rock live with the DJ’s. Over the past 14 years, the list of guests who jumped on stage to perform is enormous! The party is still rocking every 1st Friday @ CIELO in NYC & select Brooklyn locations as well as with friends & family from around the World (Turntables on the Thames, the Danube, the Sydney Harbor, the NILE etc…)

As a producer, Nickodemus produces music from all parts of the World, but all rooted in Club Music from his upbringings in NYC. His highlights include the songs Cleopatra in New York & Mariposa featuring Carol C (Si Se), Mi Swing es Tropical by Nickodemus & Quantic feat Tempo, Sun Children featuring The Real Live Show & Free Souls as well as remixes for Nina Simone, Billy Holiday, Mr Scruff feat Alice Russell, Thievery Corporation, Astor Piazzolla, Miguel Migs, Quantic & many more.

His 3rd album, Moon Peoplecame out June 19th, 2012. He’s also working on A Global Minute which features MC’s from 10 cities combined with video & paintings by Justin Carty (to be released in 2013)


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