Try out these tobacco and vape flavours when heading to your next festival

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Smokers usually get bored of smoking the same flavour of tobacco again and again and they want to try something new that can help them feel amazing. Sometimes, their friends offer them something new at an event so that they may enjoy a new taste but you can never trust your friends, especially in such a sensitive situation.

If you love going to different festivals that are organized in your town and you want to try something new in an upcoming festival, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to talk about different types of tobacco and vape flavours that you must try at the upcoming festival. You’re going to enjoy the taste of the flavours we’re going to discuss in this article.

The best part about all these flavours is that they’re not harmful to your body and they’ll definitely not make you suffer from any kind of physical disorder. You must consider visiting head shop Hialeah if you want to find more information about different flavours of tobacco and vape.


If you are a cigarette smoker and haven’t tried Kretek before, then you must consider trying it on the next festival you’re going to attend. It’ll help you enjoy a new and unique flavour of tobacco and you’ll definitely love the taste of it. Along with the incredible taste, it also comes with some amazing health benefits.

You must ask your friends to join you in this new experience and they’ll definitely appreciate your choice. It’s not going to cause any kind of health disorder to you so you can easily try it without any kind of fear.


Shisha is one the most famous smoking equipment that youngsters use these days in different parties and gatherings. The best thing about this product is that it is available in different flavours. You can choose your favourite flavour to enjoy a new and amazing taste. New users usually choose the chocolate and pineapple flavour.

There are some smokers who avoid using Shisha due to the rumours they’ve heard about it but once you’re going to try it for the first time, you’ll realize that the taste is amazing and you’ll love trying it again and again.


The cigar is another upgraded form of the tobacco that lets you enjoy a completely new world. If you’ve become a regular user of the normal type of tobacco, then you must give it a try but if you have never used the normal tobacco, then you must stay away from Cigars as they can cause you some health problem.

Chewing Tobacco

Chewing Tobacco is an advanced form of the tobacco that many tobacco users carry with them. You must try the chewing tobacco in your next festival if you’ve never tried it before. You’re going to love the taste of this type of tobacco and you’ll become a regular user of it.